53836600331 Fuchs53836600331 Fuchs


Part number 203-25-51200
  • not an original product of KOMATSU


Basic information and dimensions
Part no.  
outer diameter  
Holes in outer ring  
gear teeth  
number of teeth  

Diese Kugeldrehverbindung passt zu folgenden Typen:

PC100-5Z S/N 32402-UP, PC100-5 S/N 28001-UP, PC100-5 S/N 28001-UP, PC100-5C S/N 28001-UP (Custom Spec.), PC100-5S S/N 32402-UP, PC100L-5 S/N 14001-UP, PC120-5Z S/N 36601-UP, PC120-5 S/N 30001-UP, PC120-5 S/N 30001-UP, PC120-5X S/N 30001-UP, PC120-5Z S/N 36601-UP (Excel Spec.), PC120-5M S/N 36601-UP (Mighty Spec.), PC120-5S S/N 36601-UP, PC120-5C S/N 36601-UP (Custom Spec.), PC130-5 S/N 36601-UP, PC130-5 S/N 36601-UP, PC130-5S S/N 36601-UP

  • Condition NEW!
  • 1 year warranty
  • Installation and maintenance instruction
  • Worldwide export

If you are looking for a slew bearing that is not listed here, please call us as we have not listed all our slewrings here.

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